Flamenco in Budapest

Flamenco classes and flamenco shows with La Rubia

Flamenco in Budapest

Did you always dream about dancing flamenco? Do you like the music and the culture? Luckily, it’s never too late to start dancing flamenco! No matter your age or your sex: you only have to feel motivated enough to start dancing! During my classes we not just learn the movements of flamenco dancing profoundly, but you can learn a lot about the structure and the understanding of the music, the rhythm (compass), and generally about the culture of flamenco.

Besides the general happyness dancing gives to you, flamenco will also get you: improved posture, coordination, stability and balance, it eliminates stress and helps relieving back pain.

Elegance, beauty and passion - it’s all flamenco dancing!

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Flamenco in Budapest

Flamenco classes

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