Flamenco Show

Flamenco Show

Flamenco Dance Company

I´ve been performing and teaching authetic flamenco dance since 1997. My performer group “El Cuadro Flamenco de la Rubia” is available for concerts, conferences, gala dinners and other events.

The lenght of the show can vary from 5 minutes until 60 minutes, as the event requires. I work together with the most authentic flamenco musicians in Budapest, and I also have dancers in my group, from my most talented students. If an event fits recorded music better, we can present a flamenco dance show with that as well.

The performance can vary from a flamenco show with live music (guitar, cante) and solo dance performer, to a show with live music (guitar, cante), solo dance performer and two-six chorus dancers.

For shows or events in and outside of Budapest, please contact me to an actual price.

Flamenco Show

To any flamenco show, we can also add the following programs:

  • flamenco dance teaching (30-60 minutes) in english, spanish german or hungarian language
  • question-answer session about the flamenco dance, the history of it, the actual flamenco art life in Spain, or any flamenco related topic as if required, in english, spanish german or hungarian language

I am also avaible for exclusive flamenco private lessons in english, spanish or german language.

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