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Our Class Schedule

Mon­day: Tues­day: Wed­nes­day: Thurs­day and
  private lessons 5.00. pm - 6.00. pm: Begin­ner Flamen­co - we learn pro­foundly the basic tech­ni­ques of flamen­co dan­cing, plus lear­ning a choreo­graphy (tangos) Pri­vate les­sons. Usually 1-2 times/month tech­ni­que drill classes and special bata de cola/mantón tech­ni­que classes
5.30. pm - 7.00. pm: Inter­me­dia­te Flamen­co - on mondays in the inter­me­dia­te class we have techni­cal trai­ning and also learn bule­rias pataítas. New pataíta every month! private lessons 6.00. pm - 7.30. pm: Interme­dia­te Fla­men­co - on wednes­days in the inter­me­dia­te class we learn cho­reog­raphy: maria­nas
7.00. pm - 8.30. pm: Advan­ced Flamen­co - this class is a com­bi­na­tion of tech­ni­que and cho­reog­raphy, plus reper­toir prac­ti­ces 7.30. pm - 9.00. pm: Advan­ced Flamen­co - this class is combina­tion of techni­que and choreog­raphy, plus reper­toir practi­ces

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New Beginner Class starts in September 2021

New Beginner Class starts

Did you always dream about dancing flamenco? Do you like the music and the culture? During my beginner classes we learn the basic movements of the flamenco dance profoundly, meanwhile you can learn a lot about the structure and understanding of the music, the rhythm, and generally about the culture of flamenco.

First class: 8 September 2021
Schedule: Wednesdays, 5.00. pm - 6.00. pm
Class Fee: single class: 2500 Ft, monthly fee: 9000 Ft
Where: Roxy Studio: 1136 Budapest, Tátra u. 4.

How to dress on my first flamenco class?

For the first classes the most important is that try to wear a top and a skirt (or trouser) that gives your arms and legs plenty of unrestricted movement.

As for the shoes: if you don´t have flamenco shoes: you’ll need a closed shoe with 4-6 cm high heel, solid-soled (not rubber). Sandals, sneakers, any thin-heeled dance shoes (salsa, tango, etc) aren’t great for flamenco dancing. Character shoes are fine.

If you are interested in online private classes, please also write and e-mail to!

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Bucsás Györgyi

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