My flamenco story

How a hungarian girl becomes a flamenco dancer

About - Flamenco

I’ve been dancing my whole life. Started officially in the age of 5 with classical ballett, in the danceschool of Katalin Latabár, in Budapest. I spent 14 beautiful years in that danceshool, learning besides the classical balett also jazz-balett, different folk dances and character dances. It was in 1992, when on a summer workshop of IDMC (International Dance and Movement Center), I started to dance flamenco. It was love at first sight. Really! After the first class I knew, that this is the dance what I’ve been looking for. I was only 16 years old that time, remember, no internet, no youtube, so I had to work hard to get all the information, music, knowledge about flamenco. It was a long process, and during my journey I got the luck to learn from Veronika Vámos in Budapest, and also be part of her flamenco company.

About - Flamenco 2

I started to perform in the group “Soleares” in 1997. That same year I got my certification as a modern dance teacher. But all I wanted was dancing more flamenco, so I began to teach flamenco in 1999 in Székesfehérvár. That time around more and more flamenco teachers were coming to Budapest from Andalusia, to teach in workshops, and I participated in all of them. From 2003 I travelled to Spain (Jerez de la Frontera, Sevilla, Madrid) twice a year, to workshops, festivals, classes. This lead to the decision, that in early 2008 I moved to Jerez de la Frontera, and I was living there until the end of 2010. My purpose was to dance and learn more about flamenco. As the fruit of those years in Jerez, I wrote my book “Flamenco” about the history of flamenco, the different palo’s - styles of flamenco, and it was published in 2010. Until nowadays, this is the only book in hungarian language about the art of flamenco.

About - Flamenco 3

After I returned to Budapest, I continued to do what makes me the happiest: teaching and dancing flamenco. I teach regularly in Budapest and in Győr now. I founded my performer group “El Cuadro Flamenco de la Rubia”, and I had the luck to work together with the best flamenco musicians of Budapest, in various events all over Budapest and Hungary. I also have now the honor to have students, who are amazing performers, and it’s a joy to share the stage with them!

My most important masters in flamenco dance: Mercedes Ruiz, Maria del Mar Moreno, La Chiqui de Jerez, La Truco, Javier Latorre, Fernando Galán, Jaime Cala, Raul “El Bule”